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What to Bring

FOOD: Please keep your cats feeding consistent with home. Dry food, wet food, your cat’s favorite treats, whatever keeps them eating. Please add 2-3 extra days worth of food in case of flight delays, cancellations, extended stay, etc.

BEDDING: While we provide kitty beds & cat trees with cushions..if you like you may bring a small familiar smelling blanket, t-shirt, small bed etc. We will place in their suite to make them feel comfy & at home-it smells like them & maybe even you so whatever helps! All kitty suites have a refined feline cat tree with a cubbie hole access sleeping area..we will add that to the sleeping quarters to make them feel comfy & at home!

No food bowls are necessary. Please label all items brought with your kitty as we cannot be liable for lost or damaged items.

LITTER: Please bring enough litter for your cats stay. Keeping in mind we do refresh litter completely for kitties that are staying with us for extended periods of time.  It is very important to keep your kitties litter type the same as at home. With many choices and types of litter, your cat will be more comfortable with their own.

MEDICATIONS: Medications must be clearly labeled with your cat’s name & administration instructions. Pills that are to be given in halves, quarters etc. must already be pre-cut to assist us in medicating properly.
Please make sure we have a current veterinarian to contact while your away in case of ??’s or concerns with your cats medications. Please feel free to include a note with any special instructions to keep on file during their stay in regards to proper administration of medications provided.

If medication or any supplement will [...]

Vaccination & Health Requirements

Vaccination Requirements:
As required by the City of Chicago all animals must be in healthy condition, vaccinated and annually assessed by a Veterinary Professional . If your pet is unable to receive vaccinations due to age etc., titers or written consent from your vet will be required to stay at our facility. There also may be a restriction to board in a medical condo instead of our atrium suites. Each situation will be assessed based on the circumstances.
     Required Vaccinations:      Rabies & Feline Distemper (FVRCP)


Does your kitty need a lift to our facility? No worries! Transportation is available to & from our facility for boarding & grooming services…… $17.50/Each Way

Inquire with your kitty concierge to make arrangements for our kitty limo!