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MYTH:   “YOU Groom Cats?…My cat grooms himself!”

TRUTH:    “Nooo…Your cat LICKS himself!”

In truth there are a whole lot of cats snuggling with their owners daily that are dirty, greasy, smelly, matted, flea infested, with dried poop on their butt, covered in smelly saliva & shedding out of control! Cat’s do not groom themselves, cats LICK themselves. There is a big difference. The question is if you got up in the morning and licked yourself from head to toe would anyone want to be around you without a full shower  & cleanup? The answer is NO! The same applies for cats!

Got shedding?…

Where on earth does all that hair comes from? Fur balls being thrown up all over your house? Giving supplements to help “pass all that hair & stuff” thru your cats delicate internal system? Why bother! Regular grooming every 6-8 weeks will remove all the dead undercoat, grease & dander from your cats coat.  Preventing matting & keeping your cat healthy & shed free!  Cats feel better after grooming when performed & cared for by a trained professional cat groomer. Research shows cats need it & DO enjoy it–especially in those senior cat years!

Yes We Groom Cats! – We LOVE it!..It’s our Passion!

Our full service grooming menu includes everything from basic bath & blow-dry service,  lion cuts, comb-cuts, Softpaw nail applications, PlqClnz teeth treatments, & our very popular kitty Brazilian sanitary trim to make your cat l look & feel their best. Our groomers are professionally trained & certified by the National Cat Groomers Institute & certified in feline first aid. If you have a kitty that just can’t handle car rides or the stress of a carrier please consider our Feline Exclusive Mobile Grooming Service SpaMeeow!-For a small surcharge let the groomer come to you to make it even MORE of a stress free experience! Ask your kitty concierge for details! Getting your cat in for regular grooming before these serious situations occur is the BEST for your cat & your pocketbook! It also makes us happy to groom your cat the next time because it will be a pleasurable experience instead of a painful & irritating experience for your cat! As with any provided service, if we feel your cat can’t take advantage of our services safely we will gladly refer you to a veterinarian that can provide the service you & your cat deserve. Your cat’s health & ultimate well being is our utmost goal.


FULL GROOM–Long Hair Cats …$76 & up..

KITTY-SPA! Bath & Blow-dry …..Includes: sanitary clip, 2 cycle hydro-bath, fluff-dry & brush-out, nail trim, peppermint ear cleanse & face trim.
(Includes short hair cats that are matted)

FULL GROOM—Short Hair Cats…$56 & up..

KITTY-SPA! Bath & Blow-dry …..Includes: sanitary clip, 2 cycle hydro-bath, fluff-dry & brush-out, nail trim, peppermint ear cleandr & face trim.

FULL GROOMING – LION-CUT w/SPA! Bath & Blow-dry…$100 & up..CityKittySuite

Let your little kitty *ROAR* like the lion they are!.. Includes: removal of coat, 2 cycle hydro-bath, fluff dry & smooth out, nail trim, peppermint ear cleanse & face trim. Specific groom instructions for mane length-ie. full lion mane (removal of coat from shoulder blades back)  or modified lion mane (removal of coat completely of body leaving circle mane around neck/head) and full tail or pom tail, etc. to be given to groomer @ drop-off. *Acceptance of disclaimer required 

Matted & Pelted Coats w/Removal

*Please note! All too often we see cats where they just don’t clean themselves like they used to. The common scenario is elderly w/body chemistry & saliva changing (causing the cat to mat up easily creating discomfort, sores below the hair on the skin), pulled hair bunches, grooming 1X a year or worse.. etc..or just not a good self-grooming kitty overall…

In these cases if your cats coat is matted/pelted the following surcharges will apply in addition to the regular grooming fees–based on time, level of difficulty for safe handling & removal.

  • Level I-Demat Surcharge… +$23
  • Level II-Demat/Parital Pelt Removal…+$46
  • Level III-Pelt Removal…If its THAT bad we will send you to a vet!

*There is no discount for a LION-CUT  with NO BATH.  In fact we usually don’t provide this service! We would be doing you a dis-service if we did not bathe & degrease your cat for proper growing out of their coat. If your cat hates the blow-dryer and you know it, please let our staff know so we may do a finishing cut 1st, followed by the bath & then allowed to air-dry…some kitties just need this modified groom plan to look & feel their best!

Additional Services….

Custom Length Comb Cut…..+TBD..–A little “off-the-top” instead of a full coat removal…Are you convinced your cat is uncomfortable under all that hair? A comb cut is a great alternative to shorten the hair length all over. This allows for more airflow to the skin making your cat a little more comfy… saving that beautiful COAT! Please note this will not eliminate shedding..the fur that sheds will just be shorter! A comb cut is just an alternative to shaving your cat & requires a little more time for the coat to be evenly trimmed!

De-Shed Solution/Aloe /Deep Condition…..+$13-26-A little extra-step in our KITTY-SPA! service…a de-shedding solution is applied to your cats coat loosening even more dead undercoat waiting to be shed! With the completion of the SPA! Bath & Blow-dry service it will leave your cat with shiny, healthy hair! The perfect treatment for that in-between season shedding! *Please note! After a de-shed session your cat may still “throw” a little coat…after stimulating the skin the hairs that can’t fall off freely will tend to shed once the groom is completed and the cat relaxes..usually 1-2 days…

Tidy Up Package…+$38.00…Includes sanitary clip, bikini or belly shave, nail trim & peppermint ear cleanse….

Soft-Paws Nail Caps—+$27/FULL-SET…$17/FRONT OR REAR ONLY–Front & Rear nail capping–helps stop destruction of your furniture or items your cat feels should be a scratching post!

SpaMEEOW! Mobile Service—-$38  +Cost of base groom service–Let our state of the art Feline Exclusive Mobile SPA come to you! Door to door service! Convenient & Stress FREE for your kitty!

**SPAMEEOW! SERVICE CALL FEES -Additional to cost of groom–based upon distance of travel, number of pets being groomed & frequency of service! … $18-$38 per visit. –Discounts for seniors, disabled & 1st Responders. Please inquire with our front desk staff!

 **SPAMEEOWCancellations of service under 48 hours may incur a $76 cancellation surcharge fee up to the total cost of groom services reserved for same-day cancellations. Monday appointments must be cancelled or changed by close of business Friday’s 5pm!


We will debate it til we die-We LOVE our job-We LOVE making kitties feel clean & happy!

Mostly???…. We LOVE seeing your smile when you pick your cat up, knowing how happy you both are!